What is Native Soul Yoga?

Native Soul Yoga aims to connect students to their native soul through the practice of yoga. This relationship with your native soul is a relationship with the truest part of yourself, your inner home, which drives the way you connect to yourself, others, and the world around you. When you’re aligned with this deep inner knowledge of who you really are, you’re able to find contentment through all the ups and downs of life. Native Soul Yoga encourages students to explore, integrate, and love all parts of themselves and believes the yoga practice is an essential tool in this journey. 

Integral to this mission is the belief that to be connected, you must feel included and valued. Native Soul Yoga seeks to build and nurture a culture where there is a deep sense of belonging that transcends any race, gender, economic status, or sexual orientation. We strive to create a space that reflects the communities we serve and where everyone feels empowered to bring their full, authentic selves to the space. Within this mission, is an open invitation for students to play an integral role in building this community. We welcome all loving feedback and suggestions to help us build a space and community that feels inclusive to all. 

Native Soul Yoga uses a wide array of yoga practices designed to facilitate deep inner healing and connection. These practices widely use asana (the posture part of yoga) while integrating meditation, breath work, chanting, dancing, and other traditions that encourage healing, connection, and community building. Classes offered by Native Soul Yoga are welcome to all levels of practitioners. This is a space where newcomers will be nurtured, while more experienced practitioners will be challenged. Native Soul Yoga places priority on each individual’s internal growth/experience and strives to honor all the different parts of the yoga tradition.